Tips on wood burning stoves

Yearly inspection on your stove can give you the peace of mind.  Sign up for our annual “No Need To Think About It” auto schedule program 

Take advantage of thermal mass by incorporating dense building materials like brick, stone, concrete, or such.  These materials not only add definition and texture to your interior design they also retain the heat and help to disperse it throughout your home. 

Pellets burn cleaner but wood provides that cozy “home” scent

In order to get the most out of your wood stove, you need to feel comfortable with loading it up fully without fear of the fire breaking out into your home.  Only building small fires in your stove will burn less hot and can smolder.  Smoke escaping into the chimney creates creosote and cause pollution to enter the great outdoors, not to forget into your home. This will also require you to have your system cleaned more often. 

If you are using paper to start your fire use plain or black and white paper only – No color.  Use wood you have loaded into the stove to anchor the paper down in between the logs. 

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